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Nursing Breastfeeding necklaces: custom-made by a work at home Mom, for more than seven years. The only nursing necklace tested by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.I only use beads made in the US. Great necklace for twiddling/pinching and distractable breastfed babies. Est 2001

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Nursing Necklace Breastfeeding Necklace


~ Why a Nursing Necklace? ~
A nursing necklace can help you in many different ways. It can hold your baby’s attention while nursing, promoting longer nursing sessions. It can be a lifesaver for you when your baby starts twiddling while nursing. Your child will cherish it as a special toy well into childhood. You will cherish it throughout your life as a reminder of the special nursing relationship you had with your child.

As a newborn, my son was enthralled by the necklace I made for him, and yours will be, too. Your newborn can look at the pretty colors; I make them in any color combination, although red, black, and white is very popular for newborns. He can feel the texture of the different shaped beads. He can hear the necklace as it makes a noise when it is jiggled up and down. All these together can be a great attention getter for your newborn.

When your baby starts to twiddle your skin, hair, or other nipple while nursing, you wear the necklace around your neck. Your baby can hold it and look at it while nursing. This can help you be more comfortable nursing your baby in public since he may not be so interested in pushing your shirt up.

If your baby has decided that the dog walking by or a piece of lint on the table is more interesting than nursing, this necklace is for you! The necklace may help keep his attention on the task at hand instead of pulling off to see what is going on in the rest of the world. Nursing in public tends to be easier also. The necklace helps the baby nurse longer since he is not distracted as easily. It may take a few tries for the baby to get used to nursing with it and not just try to play with it.

As your baby gets older, you can use the necklace to teach colors and shapes. I have medium sized beads in marine animals, jungle animals, pets, and mobiles like planes, trains, cars and boats. I have extra large geometric shapes, and a variety of smaller beads to fill in the rest of the necklace.

Your toddler will love to wear it because it has his name on it and has all his favorite colors and shapes. Boys and girls both love to wear them for play and dress up. I frequently make them for an infant's toddler sibling, so they won't feel left out. I now offer more grown up jewelry so that older siblings and even mom can have a necklace too.

Many women have told me how they use the necklace as part of their nursing every day and depend on it like their nursing bra or their Boppy pillow.

Each necklace is made to order so I can customize it for you and your child. I have most colors including natural, black, white and glow in the dark. I make them all myself using nylon string and double knotting between each or every three beads.

US Consumer Product Safety Comission tested.


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