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Friday, December 29, 2006

Nursing Necklaces That Tell a Story

Moms have the option of having me create a unique nursing necklace for their baby. Sometimes as we email about ideas, I occasionally get stumped as to how to incorporate the many different aspect of the family into one necklace, so I make a Memory Nursing Necklace for them which tells the story of the family, like a nursing scrapbook.

Here are two that I have recently created and their story:

Generally, my necklaces all have 6 sections with 6 animal or transport beads at the beginning of them. If you at Patrick's name on the necklace, and follow clockwise, you will see a purple dog, which is the first section. That dog represents Patrick's mom who loves dogs and the color purple. The next section is for Patrick's dad, who loves cats and whose college colors are black and gold. Next is a car, representing their journey together and their wedding colors of blue, white, and silver. Next is a dolphin for the ocean near Ireland, part of his heritage, and the colors of the Irish Flag. Next is a red fish, representing the fishing industry of Canada and the colors of the Canadian flag. If you look at a cross section of the flag, you will see the pattern of red and white in this section. The last one is a train in his nursery colors.

Sasha's necklace starts with a lion, which is for his mom who lives and studies in Zimbabwe while in college. That section starts with dark green and grey for the lush green vegetation of Zimbabwe and the grey animals who live there. The next is for the dry season when the earth is brown. Next is for Victoria Falls, in the north of Zimbabwe, representing the blue calm water and how it looks white as it plummets over the falls. Next is again the dry season and finally the green surrounding the grey of the Great Ruins of the Monomotapa Empire.
The next section if for Sasha's dad, who is a big Oregon Ducks fan and following the duck are the school's colors. The pink heart is for their wedding and then their wedding colors. The white plane starts the section which represents their city of San Franciso and a rainbow. The red pig is for Sasha's favorite animal noise and his favorite colors. The black cat is a favorite of Sasha's mom, witht he yellow and black making his name stand out beautifully.

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