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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rocky Mountain High----Colorado!

This necklace is for Samuel, who lives in Colorado. My first "State" necklace and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

Starting with the orange sheep on top:

That is the State Mammal, the Bighorned Sheep. The colors are of the mountain side where the sheep graze.

Next is the State fish, the Greenback Cutthroat Trout. The colors were chosen from looking at this picture of the Trout.

Then a yellow dog, no specific reason for the dog, I just liked him. The colors are for the Aspens that turn the beautiful yellow in the fall; specifically from this picture of the Aspens.

The bear is for the beautiful Grizzly Bears who live in Colorado and starts the most challenging section of the necklace for me, the Rocky Mountains. I found this picture of the Colorado Rockies and started at the bottom and worked my way up to the top of the picture, representing the colors in beads. Finding the perfect picture and then beading it, look the longest of any section.

The State Dinosaur, the Stegosaurus, follows and the colors are from this beautiful picture that Samuel's mom sent me.

And last is the green airplane, which starts the section representing the State Flower, the Columbine. The colors are from this picture here. If you look at a cross section of the picture, you will see the order of the beads in that section of the necklace.

I had a great time researching Colorado and learned a lot about the beautiful state. Thank-you, Samuel's mom for giving me this opportunity to create this nursing necklace for you both.

From Samuel's Mom- we've only lived in Colorado for a couple of years and love it here. I wanted something that would introduce our son to some of the things that we love about living here, and also hopefully wanted to introduce him at an early age to nature and wild things. I have a degree in conservation biology and work at an environmental non-profit so appreciating and taking care of the natural world is a big part of my life. We took our son on his first hike when he was only 3 weeks old! I also wanted to incorporate our son's English and Hebrew names. He is named after my grandfathers, both of whom passed away long before getting to meet our son. Samuel is for my mom's father Simon, and Chaim (means "life") is for my dad's father Henry.


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