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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nebraska State Necklace

I wanted to create a unique necklace for Ginger, a wonderfully sweet woman from Breastfeeding. com. She is a great support for so many of the women there!
The football after her name represents Ginger and her husband's love of Cornhuskers Football, and following that are the Cornhusker colors of scarlet and cream. The yellow train represents Nebraska's rich railroad history.
The colors that follow are to honor the State bird, the Western Meadowlark:
The next set starts with the mammoth, the State Fossil. And the rainbow that follows represents the beauty of the sky after one of the state's many storms:
Following is the rainbow trout, a popular game fish in Nebraska.
The green cat starts the State Flower section, the Goldenrod:
The last section starts with a bear, which represents Chief Standing Bear, who is significant to Nebraska history. The trial of Standing Bear, a Ponca Indian chief, in a United States District court in Omaha in l879, led to a decision by Judge Elmer Dundy that native Americans are "persons within the meaning of the law" and have the rights of citizenship. The color pink was chosen because Hastings Nebraska is the birth place of Kool Aid! It was developed by Edward E. Perkins in 1927. And Ginger loves pink. :)


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