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Nursing Breastfeeding necklaces: custom-made by a work at home Mom, for more than seven years. The only nursing necklace tested by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.I only use beads made in the US. Great necklace for twiddling/pinching and distractable breastfed babies. Est 2001

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oklahoma State Necklace

Connor and family are from Oklahoma and love the state! I had the pleasure of working with his mom, who is originally from California, so I started after his name with a bear, like from the Cali State Flag. Connor's dad loves the beautiful Oklahoma sunsets, so the first sections was inspired by this picture that his dad picked out.
The next section starts with a blue cat a represents the Oklahoma state flag:

The purple dinosaur is the APATOSAURUS, the state fossil of Oklahoma:

The yellow cow is for the cattle and other animals you can find all around Oklahoma and the colors following represent the prairies that Connor's mom loves so much:

The green train is for the railroads in Oklahoma and the colors following are for the state flower, the Indian Blanket:

The last section is green and white, the Oklahoma State colors!

I learned a great deal from making this necklace and hope to continue making the state ones until I have all 50 states!


At 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Lori! I can't wait to get it, it's beautiful! We'll be sure to send pictures. -Jessica-

At 3:42 AM, Anonymous Bebhin said...

Interesting to know.


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