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Friday, December 02, 2005

Amazing Mom: Coleen

I have known Coleen since I was about 13 years old! We were best friends in high school and even college roommates. When Ady was born and Coleen told me there were problems with breastfeeding, my heart went out to her. I knew Coleen was Taurus and when she sets her mind to something, nothing can stop her! I also knew breastfeeding would be no different. Here is part of an email Coleen sent me after she got a nursing necklace:

I had many problems with my daughter's latch and I have been experiencing systemic yeast problems in my milk ducts. My daughter went breast feeding AWOL at 8 weeks. due to the topical creams I was using on my nipples. I began exclusively pumping as she would scream when presented with my breast.Over the next 14 weeks, I spent a lot of skin-to-skin contact time with her. She stopped screaming at the sight of my breast and then started latching on again. I got one of your nursing necklaces to help keep her interest longer, and sure enough, she started taking full meals from me again. At 20 weeks, she was breast feeding at least once a day and was up to twice a day at 21 weeks. I would get our necklace out and she knew right away it was time to breast feed. Many times she would fall asleep with the necklace in her hand.Ady is 24 weeks now - we had a slight set back the past 2 weeks as she has been teething (broke 2 bottom razors!) and started getting confused about biting v. nursing. But she has started nursing once a day again, so were getting back on track.Thank you for making our necklace and providing the tool to help our breast feeding relationship flourish.

Coleen attached this picture:


It wouldn't have been too long after my last email that our bf relationship ended, and my EP (exclusive pumper) relationship began at nauseum! In fact, I am still pumping at least once a day - and my dd will turn 2 1/2 on Sunday. She is down to taking EBM (expressed breast milk) before bedtime - 7-10 oz worth. I am pumping 8-12 oz, so I am just maintaining my supply.I thought this summer that I would get to December and get my dd weaned (so to speak), but with winter, it just doesn't make sense to take away the antibodies in the middle of cold and flu season. So on I pump, and will plan on HUTH (hanging up the horns) by her 3rd birthday.

When I asked her about the picture she told me this:

that picture would be one of the last times I bf Ady. I am so glad I have the pictures to remember those days as I cherish the memories of snuggling in with her. I encourage everyone to take a few pictures to hold as personal mementos of these wonderful moments.I have maintained that exact feeding position tho during our bottle feeding relationship. While I don't have to hike up my shirt and breast for a latch, Ady lays into the crook of my arm - and often wants to 'switch' sides in the middle of her feeding.

My love and respect goes out to her and all moms who pump! I cannot imagine the dedication it must take to do that.


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