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Nursing Breastfeeding necklaces: custom-made by a work at home Mom, for more than seven years. The only nursing necklace tested by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.I only use beads made in the US. Great necklace for twiddling/pinching and distractable breastfed babies. Est 2001

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Peter's Story

I broke down the necklace into sections so it's easier to see what each section represents:

Peter's Mom was born in New Zealand, where there are more sheep than people!

Peter's Dad is a marine biologist and has always loved marine animals.

His mom and dad met in Australia, so this section was inspired by this picture of the Great Barrier Reef and orange for the desserts and yellow and gold are Australia's colors.

His parents then took contract work in Kuwait (camels), where they did environmental sampling on mudflats. This was inspired by the Kuwait Flag.

Peter was born in Alaska, and the state fossil is the mammoth. The stars are from the State flag.

Now, Peter's parents are involved in the fishing industry in Alaska. The most common type of fish they catch is the salmon, and the most common salmon is the Sockeye. This picture of a Sockeye salmon inspired this last section of the necklace.


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What fun necklaces!


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