Lori's Nursing Necklaces and more!

Nursing Breastfeeding necklaces: custom-made by a work at home Mom, for more than seven years. The only nursing necklace tested by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.I only use beads made in the US. Great necklace for twiddling/pinching and distractable breastfed babies. Est 2001

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Toddler necklaces in action

Lori, I just had to share this with you. Now that Kyle has a necklace, Jacob is extra proud of his. I know he probably doesn't remember when he was a baby and nursed, but I've talked to him about it and he understands what it was for. I just thought this was really cool. BTW Jacob is now three years old.



Joshie "nursing" Jimmy



Hi Lori,
These were taken in the tub. She wouldn't let me take the necklace off for her bath!!
Thanks, Mary

Here's some pictures of my cubs wearing your necklaces. Hopefully you can use them, but it's hard to appreciate the artwork you had done in these photos. Meaning...it's hard to see it!


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