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Saturday, December 03, 2005

How to use a nursing necklace

Some babies take to the nursing necklace right away, but like any other tool, it takes other some time to get used it. When you first get the necklace home, you may want to let your baby explore it while you have it in your hands, letting him or her touch it and look at it carefully. After a few minutes, try to use it while nursing.

If you are using this necklace to help with a distractible baby, and your baby pops off and will only play with the necklace, remove the necklace and continue nursing, try the necklace again at a later nursing session. Many mothers have found that their baby will begin to associate the nursing session with the necklace and concentrate on nursing longer because of it.

If you are using this necklace to help with pinching or twiddling, it may help to place the baby’s hand around the necklace each time s/he tries to pinch or pull at you.

The key from what other moms have reported back, it to associate the necklace with nursing only. By limiting your baby’s exposure to the necklace, it remains new and interesting to your baby.

As confident as I am about all of my products, everyone should be aware of the possibility of rare, unforeseen accidents. No child should be left unsupervised with any type of jewelry because of the risk of possible strangulation or choking. Use of a nursing necklace should be restricted to a wakeful adult wearing the necklace while feeding the child. The child should not be wearing a necklace or any jewelry while in a car seat, crib, bouncy seat, etc. Never let a child go to sleep wearing jewelry. When you are not wearing your jewelry, never leave it where a child can get access to it.

Here is an idea a mom shared with me:

Basically - right now when I am not using it during nursing, I keep it in
a 12oz plastic bottle (like a big plastic Snapple bottle with a wide mouth)
and the baby plays with this as a big noisy toy. He like to shake it and
see and hear the necklace bouncing around inside the bottle. Then when its time to nurse, I open the bottle in front of him and say "do you want milk?" and as I pull out the necklace he starts to giggle excitedly. He has also started laughing excitedly when I put on the necklace in general - with out being asked if he wants milk first... so I think he is now also associating the act of putting the necklace on with nursing.

Then during nursing, he grabs the necklace with his free hand (he usually sticks his other hand behind my back) and shakes it to hear the beads rattle together... or sometimes he just looks at the beads. I am starting to tell him what colors and shapes the beads are when he fingers them...
And on occasion, because he is teething, sometimes after nursing I might let him mouth some of the big beads - but not often and only for very very brief periods and only while I am holding or still wearing the necklace.


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